The Angels of Our Lives®

Earth Angel® is a beautiful line created to thank, recognize, and celebrate all the Earth Angels® who have positively impacted our lives.

Each bracelet and necklace is individually hand polished, available in 3 top selling finishes (antique silver, antique brass, and antique copper), and accompanied by one of 36 individual corresponding accent charms with inspiring original verses. Every piece is made with great care and attention to detail with quality plated brass. All metal used is cadmium, lead, and nickel free complying with the highest environmental standards. Our bracelets and necklaces are attractively displayed in individual gift boxes making them the perfect gift for all of “The Angels of Our Lives”.

Each bracelet and necklace is $30 CAD plus tax (taxes applicable only within Canada) and is in a gift box.  This cost includes shipping to Canada or USA.